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Cockatiel Sings “The Addams Family” April 7, 2008

Posted by Andrew in : Cockatiel,Video , trackback



1. Chrisss - April 7, 2008

These birds are cute. I just discovered your blog and I’ll visit again :o )

2. David - March 2, 2009

Just found you blog, you have some great stuff.

3. Paul Wooten - March 13, 2009

Cockatiels are great whistlers, and this one is great too. Before I got a parrot, I had a cockatiel who could whistle “Popeye The Sailor” perfectly, and “The Andy Griffith Show” tune to perfection.

Keep up the great videos! I will be back, these are fantastic!

4. Kayla - March 27, 2009

Any tips on teaching your bird to whistle these songs? Or is it just as easy as playing the videos or the songs to them? I have a 9 month old Tiel who is mimicing wild bird calls.

5. niya - December 22, 2010

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww………. what a cute lil singer ! how did you teach the bird to do that?