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Readers check in! April 23, 2013

Posted by Andrew in : Misc , trackback

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Hello dear readers,

First, please accept my apology for not posting more frequently.  :.(

One of the reasons the posts have been few and far between has been, well, just a lack of ideas for what to post about.

For now, I will simply leave you with a question…


What do YOU want to read about?


Please leave a comment below with your suggestions and comments on how to make Bird A Day more interesting for you.



1. Ktigress - April 23, 2013

Although I love your threads about large parrots, but maybe you could talk about our other feathered friends. Such as budgies and canaries. How about pigeons and doves? Some people have pet chickens and other fowls such as ducks, turkeys est. The interesting tricks they do are just wonderful but have you considered the amazing things that happened in the past with some pet birds. Like the story about how this farm couple were well kind of preparing their chickens for the market but then this amazing thing happened to this poor rooster. Despite the head being chopped off, he lived with out a proper head for quite awhile. Look the story up its quite fascinating.
Just do the research.

2. birdaday2 - April 24, 2013

Thank you! It is good to get real feedback :)

Yes, I should widen the scope of the birds, there are so many interesting stories and so many beautiful species that we would all enjoy seeing photos and reading information about.

I have heard about that rooster! I will look it up again and post is soon.

Thanks again.

3. Ktigress - April 24, 2013

Oh there is this story my mother tells me every once in a while. Its a story her grandmother would tell her about a parrot. I'm not sure what kind of parrot but it was probably an African gray or in the macaw family. But anyways the story goes like this. The owner of this parrot looking to find a sanctuary for his or her beloved parrot friend, gave his parrot to a local church I think during WW1 because it was too risky to take along while the owner was trying to escape.
So over time the parrot after staying at this church for awhile learns the different hymns now sings along with the church patrons like he/she was one of them. He/she also learned to say "holy, holy, holy, in the name of God" or something like that.
I guess this went on for many years to come and I guess was a real comfort to the people who lived around there during the war.
Just remembering that story gives me comfort and enjoyment.

Oh and one more thing you could also do stories about pet birds in the media like pet birds in movies, animated movies and even video-games.
How about talking about and displaying your favorite pet bird related products from places like Etsy?

Maybe you could get inspired on articles if you pick up and look in to a mag like "BirdTalk?

You could also report on TV specials relating to pet birds that PBS may be showing?

Not easy running a blog. So thanks for running one on pet birds. Always nice. :)

4. Corina Carney - June 19, 2013

The Parrot Rescue Centre is dedicated in improving the lives of suffering, abused and unwanted pet parrots by providing an appropriate environment for their individual needs.One of our main aims is to educate as many people as possible on the correct diet, housing, enrichment and training of parrots.

5. Marta - November 5, 2013

The idea about discussing small and medium size bird topics is good. Educating people on how long they can live and the responsibility of keeping them properly,sometimes people need a new perspective . Places where there are wild parrots (especially Quakers because of how they gravitate to powerlines for nesting sites) there are always issues involving what to do about them when their habits conflict with human habitation .
Evacuation tips for bird owners in areas where hurricanes,fires etc occur often .
Boarding birds vs in home pet sitter .
Taking pet birds to vet in terms of advising people to best safe guard the health of their bird .
You could do an interview with Dr.Rich locally regarding bird issues too.